Steve Ubl
WTKO Technical Director
8th dan

Steve Uble sensei


Sensei Steve Ubl began training in Minnesota in the1967 in the art of TangSoo Do. In 1969 he began training in the JKA style of karate with Donald G. P. Oelrich. When living in Japan in 1972 he was fortunate to have been recognized by Nakayama sensei of the JKA for his character and talent. Taken under Nakayama sensei;s wing, Ubl sensei experienced many, many hours of private tuition with this great teacher and made copious notes from these periods of intense learning. He received his 1st dandirectly from Nakayama senseiwhile residing at the Hoitsugan. He also received instruction from Nakayama sensei in1974 and returned to Japan several more timesbetween 1976 and 1977. Returning to the US, Ubl sensei entered the Japan Karate Association Instructor Training Institute underNishiyama sensei at the JKA-US Headquarters in 1973, where, as a full-time trainee, became an instructor with the AAKF-ITKF, working daily with Nishiyama sensei.

By the late 70’s Ubl sensei’s ideas began to transcend regular training in any dojo and his development continued more from his own intelligent application of ideas influenced by Japan than from the various classes and training camps he also attended.

Throughout the ‘80’s and ‘90’s Ubl sensei, an intensely private individual, trained mostly alone and free from restriction. In 2004 he was persuaded to recognize the importance of sharing his knowledge by a group of dedicated karate-ka from California to Florida to Canada and in 2006 accepted the position of Technical Director and 8th dan from the WTKO.