Executive Chairman WTKO
Mr. John J. Mullin 8th dan
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Chief Instructor WTKO
Mr. Richard Amos 7th dan.
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Technical Director WTKO
Mr. Steve Ubl 8th dan
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International Director
Mr. Scott Middleton 6th dan
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This body is composed of the WTKO affiliate and associate member organizations and karate leadership from around the world. This body will meet yearly to advise and consult on issues concerning the WTKO, standards, policies and ethics. The Advisory Council represents their country or organization and will meet annually or communicates through email on issues concerning the WTKO, traditionalkarate.

Mr. John J. Mullin, USA
Executive Chairman WTKO

Mr. Jovan Ivcev M.D. Macedonia
Chief Instructor WTKO Macedonia

Mr. Bruno Trachsel, Switzerland
Chief Instructor WTKO Switzerland

Mr. Richard Amos, USA
WTKO International Chief Instructor

Sports Medicine Advisory Board

Prof. Jovan Ivcev M.D.
Faculty of Medicine Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Macedonia

Dr. Nada Ivceva M.D. Macedonia