WTKO Instructor of the Month


 Sensei Ruben Cernuda

Chief Instructor 


Sensei Ruben Cernuda

I first met Ruben Cernuda at the 1st WTKO World Championship in NYC in 2001.  He won the Men's Kata Championship with an outstanding performance.  While my Spanish leaves a lot to be desired it was obvious that Sensei Cernuda is a modest but serious and talented karate-ka who works hard at his karate.  Over the following years I was to meet him at a number of events around the world and I have enjoyed each meeting.  He is gentleman who is gracious with a warm sense of humor.  He is the chief Instructor for Chief Instructor of JKAIF, Japan Karate Academy International Federation and JSKA/WTKO Spain.   

The Japan Karate Academy International Federation and JSKA/WTKO Spain host numerous training camps throughout the year, bringing in instructors from around the world.  Through Sensei Cernuda's leadership Spain is becoming a center for high level karate and host to prestigious karate seminars and training camps.