WTKO Instructor of the Month


 Professor Jovan Ivcev M.D. 5th dan

2003 European Champion and 2002 WTKO World Champion

John Mullin Exec. Chairman WTKO and Jovan Ivcev WTKO Chief Instructor Macedonia

Macedonia, a small mountainous country in the Southern Balkans that declared its independence from the former Yugoslav Republic in 1991, can boasts of a number of world karate champions.  Foremost is Dr. Jovan Ivcev the current European Kumite and Kata Champion.  These are but a few of his prestigious championship wins.  He recently visited New York where he trained twice daily at the WTKO headquarters in New York City and the administrative headquarters dojo in Staten Island, he also conducted a training seminar while in New York.  As the Chief Instructor of the WTKO Traditional Karate Association of Macedonia he works closely with other karate groups and neighboring countries in the spirit of cooperation.  Dr. Ivcev has worked to build a solid and respected Traditional Shotokan Karate Organization in Macedonia.  In 2004 Macedonia will be hosting the WTKO/SKDUN World Traditional Karate Championship in Skopje.  In addition to the 2004 World Championship at the end of June of 2003 the WTKO Macedonia will be holding an International Summer Training Seminar, Goodwill Competition and Dan Grading.  

On my recent visit to Macedonia I asked to see some of the medals that he has won in international competition and he pulled a bag from a closet that weighed a couple of pounds from which he showed me with a host of medals won over his illustrious career.  He is truly an interesting and fascinating individual.  Chief Instructor of the WTKO Traditional Karate Association of Macedonia, his karate teams team have dominated in international and world competition.  In addition to being an European and World Karate Champion Dr. Ivcev is a surgeon at the military hospital in the capital Skopje Macedonia and also serves on the faculty of a major University Medical School.  He is a study in contrasts, a surgeon, martial artist and teacher.  He is a member of the WTKO Advisory Board and the WTKO Sports Medicine Advisory Board

Dr. Ivcev is has been described as a gentleman, urbane, sophisticated and an intellectual, with a fierce and deadly fighting spirit, that has in one instance made a competitor who upon seeing who his competition was toss his belt to the ground and leave the ring, leaving Ivcev the victor.  He is a wonderful host and tireless in his training and a dedicated leader.  The traditional karate in Macedonia is in good hands and will continue to prosper and grow under the strong and dedicated leadership of sensei Jovan Ivcev 5th dan.  

John Mullin