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WTKO Summer Camp Report

The 2009 WTKO summer camp at the honbu dojo was the best to date with packed dojo and intense training. The first class Saturday featured sensei Eiji Maeda who focused on basics and relaxation and speed. The second class was conducted by sensei John Mullin and concentrated on the bunkai for the kata Kuanku Sho. The third class was taught by sensei Richard Amos and built on the first class of the day, developing combinations using relaxation and explosive speed with proper body dynamics.

Sunday began with a class by Sensei Richard Amos concentration on shifting while using, relaxation and keeping the body supple while moving from the core. The final session was taught by sensei Fred Serrichio and was Iaido. It was a great change of pace and was an added element of the mystery of the sword. Overall this was a memorable summer camp.

Summer Camp Photos