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The WTKO is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and advancement of Shotokan Karate.

The free exchange of ideas and athletic activity is the essence of freedom and democracy.

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November 23rd - 25th, 2018

Contact Stephen Collins: stevecollins7@eircom.net

March 2nd & 3rd, 2019
2019 Winter Camp

August 1st - 4th, 2019
2019 Summer Camp

2019 Summercamp Online Registration and Payment

The WTKO is an alternative that truly is non-political in that our only requirements are technical integrity and hopefully a traditional Shotokan karate background.

The WTKO does not dictate to athletes or countries what tournaments they can participate in or restrict athletes in any manner.

We feel that the free exchange of ideas and athletic activity is the essence of freedom and democracy.

1st - 5th February. Gislved, Sweden.
Contact Johann Carlsson at Johann.Carlsson@engel.at

2nd~4th February. Stavangar, Norway.
Contact Ernst Brimsoe at ernbri@hotmail.com for details.

10th~11th February. Norwich, England.
Contact Jason Hitchings at jason@eska.co.uk for details.

24th/25th February. Torino, Italy.
Contact Giorgio Bortolin at giorgio.bortolin@tiscali.it for details.

WTKO Winter Camp
March 3rd & 4th New York City, New York, USA

24th~25th March. Lourihna, Portugal.
Contact Sergio Goncalves at aks.sergio@gmail.com for details.

6th~8th April. Frankfurt (Oder), Germany.
Contact Frank Herrmann at
herrmann-frankfurtoder@t-online.de for details.

10th~13th May. Thun, Switzerland.
Contact Thomas Hertig at thomas.hertig@skas.ch for details.

June. Mariefred, Sweden.
Contact Michael Fahlsten at fahlis@gmail.com for details.

June. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Contact Hein Masseling hein@xs4all.nl for details.

28th June~1st July. Norway.
Contact Andreas Wangberg at
andreas.wangberg@fd.dep.no for further details.

WTKO International Camp & Tournament
2nd ~ 5th August. Toronto, Canada.
Contact Scott Middleton at
scottmiddleton@wtko.org for details.

31st August~2nd September. Sweden.
Contact Johann at johann@bujinkai.nu for details.

29th~30th September. Southend & Norwich, England.
Contact Jason Hitchings at jason@eska.co.uk for further details.

WTKO European Championships
23rd~25th November. Cork, Ireland.
Contact Stephen Collins: +353 87 2468918
email: stevecollins7@eircom.net for further details.

John J. Mullin
WTKO Exec Chairman

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WTKO Staten Island Dojo
521 Jewett Avenue
Staten Island, NY 1031
email: johnmullin@wtko.org
phone: 1-347-609-3608

Richard Amos
Chief Instructor

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WTKO Honbu Dojo
328 E 61st Street
New York City
email: richardamos@wtko.org
Phone: 1-212-207-1907
Scott Middleton
WTKO International Director

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WTKO Canada
Manitoba, Canada
email: scottmiddleton@wtko.org
phone: (204) 728-2612

Steve Ubl
WTKO Technical Director

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